40th Birthday Treat Basket

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B is for Birthday:  40th Birthday Treat Basket

I have hit a time in my life where many of my near and dears are celebrating milestone birthdays.  Welcome to the big 4-0, right?  I’m not really sure how that is possible because I myself couldn’t possibly be a day over 29, right?  Wink, wink!  Anyway, I wanted to put together a fun little treat basket for my bestie a few weekends ago to celebrate her and spoil her with some goodies.  After all, 40 is Fabulous!!!

40th Birthday Basket


I started with a simple basket.  This is a media basket I found at Target.  Next I added 3 small metal pails from the party section – there were many colors to choose from and were a deal at $1 each.  I filled the first bucket with creamy milk chocolate hearts and labeled it “40 and Sweet”.  I filled the second bucket with Smarties and labeled it “40 and Smart”.  The third bucket contained a bag of cinnamon candies and was labeled “40 and Hot.”  I filled the spaces around the buckets with Ring Pops to highlight the “40 Rocks!” theme.  I really wanted packages of Pop Rocks candy here, but couldn’t find any on the fly. So Ring Pops it was to represent the “Rocks”.  My labels were made out of some chalk board clips that I had on hand, but you could use stickers or small cardboard signs.  I like to tape signs or labels to a drinking straw or chopstick if I need something on a stick.  I had fun putting this gift together and it was well received.  I think it turned out really cute.

I seriously debated making a naughtier version of this gift, but decided to go with the nice theme because of the children who would see it.  My adult version would have had Tootsie Pop or Blow Pop suckers labeled “40 Sucks”, gum balls or individually wrapped pieces of bubble gum labeled “40 Blows” and DumDum suckers labeled “40 is Dumb!”.  The basket would be labeled “40 Can Kiss It!” and filled with Hershey kisses between the buckets.  I also thought about using chocolate covered peanuts or almonds with the label “It’s nuts that you’re 40!”.

Of course, this idea could be used for any BIG birthday.  How would you personalize this gift?  Any other creative ideas for candies or sayings you could use?  I would love to hear your ideas – after all, those milestone birthdays will just keep coming and we can all use more idea for a fun and quick gift.


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