DIY Apple Magnets for Teacher Gifts

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C is for Crafts: DIY Apple Magnets for Teacher Gifts

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Back to school time is upon us once again. I wanted to come up with a simple teacher gift for my girls to take on the first day of school this year.  As I was putting away the clear glass decorative stones that I sprinkled around on the tables for Madeleine’s bubble themed birthday party this year, I was inspired to make them into cute, little apple magnets. This craft is so easy and inexpensive to put together. I just love how they turned out. Are you ready to make some DIY apple magnets for teacher gifts? Here we go:

DIY Apple Magnets for Teacher Gifts



Clear glass stones, large size – I found mine at the dollar store in the floral section or order them here

Colored paper in red, green and brown

Craft punch, 1 inch circle

Mod Podge



Small magnets

Super glue

DIY Apple Magnets for Teacher Gifts


Using your circular paper punch, punch out one circle of red paper for each apple magnet you plan to make. Using your paint brush, coat the flat surface (the back) of your clear stone with Mod Podge.  Carefully add a red paper circle over the Mod Podge. Give the entire red paper circle a generous top coat of Mod Podge to seal the paper to the stone. Repeat for each stone. Let dry thoroughly.

Once your apples are dry, it is time to add the stem and leaves. Cut a simple brown stem and a green leaf out of colored paper using your scissors.  I did this freehand and did not worry too much about them being exactly the same shape or size.  Give the stem a little curve if you wish.

Look at your apple magnets from the front and decide where you want the top of the apple to be. Attach the stem and leaf to the back of the apple at the top of the red paper using a dab of Mod Podge. I gave both the stem and the leaf a light coat of Mod Podge on both sides to seal and protect the paper surface. Let dry thoroughly again after this step.

Use a small dab of super glue to attach a small magnet to the back of each magnet. Let dry.

Use a damp paper towel to wipe off the glass surface of the magnet to remove any fingerprints or dried glue.

DIY Apple Magnets for Teacher Gifts

Package your apple magnets in groups of two or four using small gift boxes or bags to give as a simple teacher appreciation gift.

That’s it! Super easy and so cute. Can you think of a clever saying to go with them? Maybe something like “An Apple for My Teacher” or just “Happy First Day of School”?  I hope this fun little project brightens the first day back to school for our amazing teachers.  Wishing you and your family a smooth transition back to the school year too. Happy crafting, my friends!

DIY Apple Magnets for Teacher Gifts

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