DIY Fall Room Spray

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E is for Essential Oils: DIY Fall Room Spray

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There is something about fall that makes me want to fill the house with the scents of fruit and cinnamon and cloves. I love making my own room sprays with essential oils. These DIY room sprays add the perfect subtle scent to any room and I feel good knowing that I am not spraying unneeded chemicals and artificial fragrances into the air. Today I am sharing with you my favorite DIY fall room spray recipe. You are going to love it! Ready? Here we go:

DIY Fall Room Spray


Spray bottle – glass or aluminum is best for use with essential oils – I have found aluminum bottles at the dollar store in the hair care aisle or you can order something like these bottles or these bottles with cute chalkboard labels.

4 oz of distilled water

2 drops of Cinnamon Bark essential oil*

2 drops of Ginger essential oil*

2 drops of Clove essential oil*

2 drops of Cardamon essential oil*

4 drops of Wild Orange essential oil*

1/2 teaspoon of vodka or rubbing alcohol (optional but does help the mist evaporate more quickly)

Combine your ingredients in your spray bottle and give it a good shake.  That’s it.  So easy!

A bottle of fall room spray makes a great gift too.  Add some ribbon, a silk flower or a piece of twine to jazz it up a bit. Perfect for a teacher gift, a hostess gift or just a little “love gift”.

DIY Fall Room Spray

*There are many choices for essential oils these days.  Be sure to look for a pure, therapeutic grade essential oil from a reputable company.  Some oils are not truly essential oils and can have unwanted additives. I buy my oils here:

DIY Fall Room Spray

Do you make your own room sprays? Aren’t they just awesome? I would love to hear about your “recipes” in the comments.  Bring a little more fall fragrance into your home with this simple room spray recipe. Be sure to make the most of this fall season – after all, winter is just around the corner.


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