Easy Decorative Hangers for Kids

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O is for Organization: Easy Decorative Hangers for Kids

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I have recently been sorting through my children’s closets and drawers putting away things that are too small and getting out things for fall and winter. This is a task that I dread every season as it always feels so tedious.  I never seem to have enough hangers either! I save and use the hangers from the store whenever I get them as they are usually fairly sturdy and a good size for hanging kid clothes. Most of these hangers have a little plastic tag at the “neck” of the hanger that lists the size. I have hangers that run the whole range of sizes from newborn to size 6 and I use them all with no particular meaning.  This practice, however, completely baffles my husband. He has been known to skip over outfits in the closet stating that it was too small or big – I recently figured out that he was basing this decision on the little size tag on the hanger itself. Oy! I have tried to pull those tiny plastic bars off the hanger which works occasionally but on most hangers I can hardly get them to budge. I was recently inspired with an idea on how to solve this problem and make the hangers a little prettier while I was at it.  Here is what I came up with to make decorative hangers for kids:

Easy Decorative Hangers for Kids




Washi tape in assorted colors and patterns



Cute and colorful washi tape is the magic answer in this project. You can find tons of colors and patterns at  your local craft store, online or even at the local dollar store. Standard size washi tape is just over 1/2 inch wide (15mm) – this size will work but I found the 1 inch wide washi tape to work best for this project.

Gather up your odds and ends hangers from stores and brands. Cut off any loose tags and debris. Take a roll of washi tape and place a strip of tape across the front of the hanger covering the size tag and hanging over each end far enough to fold around the back. Cut the desired length with your scissors. Carefully wrap the tape around to the back of the hanger pressing firmly to adhere.  Trim off any excess that hangs down. Repeat the process on the back side folding carefully around the front side.  The goal is to have the appearance of one continuous band of color all around the neck of the hanger.  That’s it! Super simple!

Easy Decorative Hangers for Kids

Easy Decorative Hangers for Kids

Organizational Tips

I did this project for two reasons.  The first was to clean up the look of the closet and to not confuse my poor hubby any further.  The second reason was simply to make them cute.  I selected washi tape in pretty colors and patterns that complimented by daughters’ bedrooms.  Because they each have their own color theme, my hope is that it will be easier to get hangers back to the correct closet when they wander out of their rooms.

If you prefer to organize hanging clothes by size, you could choose one color / pattern for each size and organize your hangers in that manner.  A simple white sticker or label could be added to write the size on each hanger as well.

If you are really inspired, you could use fun washi tape to organize closets in terms of outfits and coordinates. Each group of clothing that could be worn together would get its own pattern or color of tape.  I would love to do this so that my husband and other caregivers would know exactly what pieces go together. But honestly, I will probably never have the energy to actually tackle that project! For now I will be happy with my cute new decorative hangers just the way they are.

I came across one other brilliant closet organizing tip recently. You know those little white plastic circles with a ring that you pull out of milk cartons and juice containers? They can be reused to hang another hanger from the neck of the first hanger. Perfect for hanging up a whole outfit together. Check this out! It is such a brilliant idea!


So, what do you think about my decorative hangers for kids? Cute idea or totally crazy? I admit that it might be a little bit of both. On the other hand, this is an easy and super quick project that adds a little more fun and color to the closet. Do you have any other great closet organization tips or techniques? I would love to hear about them in the comment section. Now I am off to finish this clothing project before the next season is upon us again. I wouldn’t put it past me as it has been known to happen! Ha!

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12 thoughts on “Easy Decorative Hangers for Kids

  1. Great tip, Cristina. I face the same problem as you do at the end of every season. I dread sorting clothes and I almost always don’t have enough hangers for them. I’ll definitely give this a try with my hangers I saved from the store. It’s a fun and easy way to keep my daughter’s closet organized. Thanks so much for sharing this with us on #shinebloghop this week!

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