Floral Centerpieces on a Budget

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P is for Party Planning: Floral Centerpieces on a Budget

When it comes to getting myself in over my head on projects, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  A few months ago, my mom volunteered to provide 18 floral centerpieces for a spaghetti dinner fundraiser.  There was no budget for this project, so keeping costs as low as possible was important.  We combined our creative genius and here is what we came up with:

Floral Centerpieces on a Budget


We thought about using mason jars or even recycled spaghetti jars for a rustic Italian look, but we couldn’t come up with quite the right thing.  My mom found these darling red vases at the dollar store.  For only costing $1 a piece, these vases were nice quality and a fairly substantial weight.  We also thought that these vases could easily be used for other events such as Christmas or Valentine parties in the future. These vases also came in several other colors.  Keep your eye on the dollar store for great vases and glassware at a bargain price.  Total cost of vases was $18 plus tax.

Floral Centerpieces on a Budget

Next for the flowers.  We explored a variety of options – Alstromeria, Sunflowers, a variety of mums.  We settled on Viking Mums that look like miniature sunflowers.  My mom picked them up a few days in advance, trimmed the stems and kept them in a bucket of water in the warm house to let them fully open up before the event.  Their bright sunny color contrasted perfectly with the deep red vases. We were able to fill up all 18 vases using only 5 bunches of the Viking Mums.  Each bunch cost $5.99 for a total cost for flowers of $29.95 plus tax.

Floral Centerpieces on a Budget

The finishing touch was to tie a raffia bow around each vase adding a little rustic charm.  We happened to have enough raffia in our own craft stash to not have to buy any extra, but it is inexpensive to pick up at the craft store.  The total cost for this project was just over $50.  That averages out to be around $2.85 per centerpiece which is really a bargain for a cute little floral arrangement.

Floral Centerpieces on a Budget

The centerpieces were a big hit at the fundraiser and looked darling on the red gingham checked tablecloths. My mom and I enjoyed working on putting these centerpieces together too as it gave us a creative outlet and some much needed girl time.  We were pleased with how they turned out and how little time and money we had to invest in them. We hope to have inspired you that it really is possible to create lovely floral centerpieces on a budget.


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8 thoughts on “Floral Centerpieces on a Budget

  1. These are so neat. I am not the creative type at all, but this is so helpful even for someone like me! I found you on the blog link up!

    • Hi, Jennifer! I’m so glad you found this helpful – the centerpieces were so simple to make and turned out so cute. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I hope you will find other tips and ideas from Ava’s Alphabet that seem fun and do-able!

  2. Your centerpieces are gorgeous! The vases certainly don’t look like they came from the dollar store! Thanks for sharing your link at the Family Joys Linky party! Hope you will join us again this coming Sunday at dontcallmesupermom.com !

    • Thanks so much, Rachel. This was such a fun project and the vases really were a steal! I will definitely be back for more Family Joy linky love on Sunday – it is a great party. I appreciate you taking the time to comment here. xoxo

  3. Hi Cristina, You and your mom did a great job on those beautiful centerpieces for that fundraiser! How fun, my mother lives in Texas and I miss her so much! You certainly have inspired me! I love flowers so much they just brighten up my day. I hope to make some fun centerpiece just to go in my dining room, living room, and office. I would love to always have a beautiful vase and amazing smelling flowers everyday! Wouldn’t that be great?

    • Thank you, Monica! I am so lucky to have my mom live so close to me. We get involved in all kinds of fun projects. These centerpieces were so fun and easy. I agree – it would be great to have beautiful flowers every day. I have been wanting to get myself a bouquet of tulips to celebrate spring. Maybe this weekend? Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. These centerpieces are so cheerful and pretty and go perfectly with the gingham tablecloths! Thanks for sharing at What’d You Do This Weekend?!

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