Make Your Own Golf Themed Travel Mug

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F is for Father’s Day: Make Your Own Golf Themed Travel Mug

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Hello, friends! I have been off the grid for a few weeks spending some much needed time with family and friends. After helping my mom get through some unexpected surgery, I have been busy with ballet recitals, preschool graduation, Ava’s 5th birthday and a fabulous Troll’s themed party (more on that to come soon!). And, alas, now Father’s Day is upon us! Today I am going to share with you a simple and quick project perfect for the avid golfer in your life – a fun tutorial on how to make your own golf themed travel mug. You won’t believe how easy this is! Are you ready? Here we go:


Make Your Own Golf Themed Travel Mug from Ava's Alphabet


Make Your Own Travel Mugs available HERE or HERE

Cardstock in green, blue, red and white

Black archival ink pen or marker


Double stick tape or glue stick

Printed words or phrases (optional) – I made mine in a Word document using Gloucester MT Extra Condensed font

Make Your Own Golf Themed Travel Mug from Ava's Alphabet


Gather your supplies. Starting with a piece of blue cardstock, trace the insert template included with your mug and cut out. This will be the background for your golf themed insert.

Make Your Own Golf Themed Travel Mug from Ava's Alphabet

Next cut a strip of green cardstock to fit approximately the bottom third of the the template. Cut a wave design along the top edge to create the rolling hills of the golf course. I did this free hand with my scissors – don’t stress out about it – this project is very forgiving. Attach the “grass” to the blue background using double stick tape or a glue stick. You might want to curve it into a cylinder similar to how it will fit into the mug to make sure your edges lay flat.

Next cut a small triangle of red cardstock to make your flag. I used my black scrap-booking pen to write #1 Dad, #1 Grandpa, #1 Uncle, etc on my flags. Be creative. You could put the year on the flag, the date or some other meaningful number or message. Once your flag is made, adhere it to the background slightly above the grass line to your liking with double stick tape or a glue stick. Using a straightedge draw a line for the flagpole along the broad edge of the flag and all the way down into the grass making a small black oval at the base to represent the hole.

Make Your Own Golf Themed Travel Mug from Ava's Alphabet

Finally, add the clouds. You can write your messages with pen or print them out on the computer – either way works just fine. I also cut my cloud shapes out free hand, but there are some great free cloud templates available on Pinterest if you would prefer to have something to trace. I included clouds with my girls names and ages to make our golf themed travel mug a little more personalized. Again be creative and think about what would be meaningful for you. The name of a special place or golf course? A score? A date? A question? I would love to hear what you choose to write on your clouds in the comment section. Once your clouds are written and cut out, attach them to the background using double stick tape or a glue stick.

Carefully slide your template back into the mug making sure that everything lines up and does not shift. Insert the mug portion into the middle, secure it and you are done. Quick, easy and super cute! What do you think? I fully intended to have my girls participate more than they did but they lost interest quickly. Kids could help by each writing their own cloud, coloring the grass and helping with the cutting and gluing as their skills allow. Ava is very excited to give it to Daddy no matter how much or little she helped make it!

Make Your Own Golf Themed Travel Mug from Ava's Alphabet

I hope you are inspired by this fun and easy golf themed travel mug project. The golfer in your life will love it! As always, I love to hear your ideas and thoughts in the comment section. Wishing you all a happy and fun filled Father’s Day this year. Happy crafting, my friends!  Xoxo, -Cristina

Make Your Own Golf Themed Travel Mug from Ava's Alphabet

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