Make Your Own Hot Pack

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 D is for Do It Yourself (DIY): Make Your Own Hot Pack

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Hello, weekend warriors! I don’t know about you but I have been working hard this spring to get my yard ready for summer. From weeding the gardens and patio to spreading mulch to transplanting perennials, I have been on the move. And boy, can I feel it later on. One of my favorite ways to ease sore muscles or an achy body is to use a microwavable hot pack.   I have partnered with TYLENOL® and Target stores to bring you this tutorial to show you how to make your own hot pack to help soothe those aches and pains. Are you ready to get started? Here we go:

Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet


1/2 yard of 100% cotton flannel

1/2 yard of cotton muslin

Scissors or a rotary cutter

Measuring tape

Straight pins

Coordinating thread

2-3 pounds of filler – dried beans, rice, feed corn, grains or ground cherry stones



Gather your supplies.

Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet

We will begin by making the insert for our hot pack. Fold your piece of muslin in half. Measure and cut a piece of muslin (double layer) measuring approximately 15 inches long by 8 inches wide.  Pin the pieces right side together a sew a 1/4 inch seam all the way around the edges leaving a 2-3 inch opening on one end. Trim any loose strings and turn the muslin right side out. You now have a simple rectangular muslin bag.

Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet

Fill the bag with dried beans, corn or rice through the small opening. I found that about 2-3 pounds of dried beans gave my heat pack a nice weight and feel.

Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet

Fold the cut edges of the opening inward and sew the opening closed either by hand or with your sewing machine. Don’t worry too much about your seam as this will be inside of the flannel cover.

Now to make the removable flannel cover for our hot pack. Carefully cut a single layer of flannel measuring approximately 34 inches long by 9 inches wide. If you cut and measure carefully, you can probably get two covers out of a half yard of flannel.

First we are going to sew a simple seam on the short ends of the flannel. With the wrong side facing you, fold the end of the flannel towards you about 1/4 inch and then again another 1/4 of an inch. Pin these folds together and sew them down to give you a nice finished edge. Repeat on the opposite end of the flannel.

Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet

Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet

Matching up the finished seams together, fold your piece of flannel in half right sides together.  Now pull the top layer down so it is about three inches lower than the bottom layer.

Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet

Fold the bottom layer towards you over the top layer and pin the sides. We are making a little pocket at one end of the inside of the cover to help keep the insert in place.

Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet

Sew each of the long sides of the flannel being sure to sew through all three layer of fabric where we are making the pocket. Trim any excess thread and turn the cover right side out. Can you see how you have a little pocket flap by the opening of the cover now?

Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet

Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet

Carefully place your rice or bean filled insert into the cover. Shake the filler so that it disperses evenly within the the cover. There you have it! Your very own hot pack.

Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet

For Hot Pack Use:

Place your hot pack in the microwave for 1-2 minutes on high. Be careful not to make it too hot. Every microwave is different. I also recommend that you supervise your hot pack while it is heating. I have never had any problem with my hot pack, but it is best to keep an eye on it to make sure that it does not smoke or burn.

For Cold Pack Use:

You can also use your pack for cooling relief. Store the insert in a paper bag in the freezer. The paper bag will help prevent frost on the insert. When you need a cold pack, simply remove the insert from the paper bag and insert into the flannel cover.

Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet


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Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on making your own hot pack. I love having a hot pack or two readily available at our house. They are perfect for muscle aches and pains, but are also comforting during illness used either hot or cold. Another way I love to use our hot pack is to help soothe growing pains for my girls. Ava occasionally wakes up in the night complaining of knee or leg pain related to growing. Some snuggles from mama and a warm hot pack on her knee and she is back to sleep in no time.  And how great to be able to throw the flannel cover in the washing machine as needed? These hot packs can even make a lovely gift for your favorite gardener. How will you use your hot or cold pack? As always, I would love to hear from you in the comment section. Now, go get ’em, weekend warriors! Xoxo, -Cristina

Make Your Own Hot Pack from Ava's Alphabet

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