Paper Plate Pumpkin and Apple Masks

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C is for Crafts: Paper Plate Pumpkin and Apple Masks

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Apple, peaches, pumpkin pie… fall is here and in full swing. We are into all things pumpkin and apple here in our house right now. But even with all the fall festivities, the troops get restless and bored in the afternoon.  Fun and simple crafts are my go-to to ward off the afternoon wiggles. We had a blast making these simple paper plate masks this week. This activity comes together quickly with supplies you probably already have on hand and offers loads of fall fun. Are you ready? Let’s make some paper plate pumpkin and apple masks:

Paper plate pumpkin and apple masks


Paper plates


Acrylic Paint in red and orange


Colored paper in brown and green

Craft Sticks

Glue or tape


Select one paper plate for each mask you want to make.  Using your scissors, cut out the middle circle of the paper plate to make a round opening.  Make sure you don’t have any jagged edges but don’t worry too much about the shape of your circle.

Next it is time to paint. Ava loves to paint so I gave her a foam brush and a small container of paint and let her go to town. We started with red to make apples and then moved on to orange for the pumpkins. Cover the entire surface of the plate with paint and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Paper Plate Apple and Pumpkin Masks

Once your apple or pumpkin is dry, it is time to add the details.  Cut a simple stem out of brown or green construction paper or cardstock. I made the curls for the pumpkin by cutting a thin strip of green paper and wrapping it around the barrel of a pen to make a spiral. For the apple leaf, I cut out a simple leaf shape and folded it down the middle to add some dimension. Tape or glue the stem, leaf and/or curls to your plate.  Attach a craft stick to the bottom to use as a handle. And just like that you have a fun apple or pumpkin mask!

Paper Plate Pumpkin and Apple Masks

Paper Plate Pumpkin and Apple Masks

Paper Plate Pumpkin and Apple Masks

So the next time you hear the dreaded “Mom, I’m bored!” or fights and tantrums start happening, try whipping up this simple project. Which paper plate mask do you like best? The pumpkin or the apple? Let me know in the comments.  As you can see, Miss Ava not only had a ball making this project, but she thought trying out many funny faces was pretty cool too. Silly goose! Hoping you are enjoying all the beauty and fun of fall.  Happy crafting, my friends!

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