Snow Princess Kit

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P is for Play: Snow Princess Kit

As winter began and we eagerly awaited the first snow fall, the anticipation of building a snowman started to grow.  We gathered up the usual supplies…. Hat? Check! Scarf? Check! Carrot? Check!  We were ready for snowman building when we had our first major snow fall in mid November.  That first snowman was quite handsome.  Can you guess what we named him?  Olaf, of course!  How original, right? Here he is:


But being a house full of girls that runs on all things glittery and fancy, I started thinking.  Wouldn’t it be fun to make a snow princess?  A quick trip to the dollar store and some contributions from my mom was all it took to start our snow princess kit.  Tiara? Check! Long, beaded necklaces? Check! A tutu? Check! Plastic dress up shoes? Check! Added to our standard snowman making supplies, we had all the makings for a fancy snow princess.

Snow Princess Kit

The only modification needed was to cut the tutu apart at the back and sew some sturdy ties to each side so that the tutu could be tied around the snow princess body.  You can sew these on by hand or with a sewing machine.  Keep it simple and don’t be a perfectionist (it takes one to know one, you know?).  The ties are in the back after all.  Also, make sure to get really big necklaces that will fit over a snowman head or plan ahead to put the necklaces on the body before you add the head.

We had to wait until the very end of February to get the right kind of snow to make a snowman again.  Ava could hardly wait to get outside to start building. And so our snow princess was born.
Snow PrincessSnow Princess hug









Ava was so proud of our creation that she just had to give her a hug. What do you think? Cute, huh? What other accessories would you add to your snow princess kit?  We hope this idea adds a little more creativity into your snowman making adventures!


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