Sup “Herb” Teacher Appreciation Herb Garden Gift

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T is for Teacher Appreciation: Sup “Herb” Teacher Appreciation Herb Garden Gift

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Ready or not, it is officially Teacher Appreciation week.  These events always seem to sneak up on me. If you still haven’t done anything to honor your teachers this week, know that you are not alone. This time of year is just so busy! Don’t fret though … you still have “thyme” to put together an easy and inexpensive gift basket that any teacher is sure to love. Pick up a few fresh potted herbs, a simple basket and use one of my free printable herb garden gift tags. Piece of cake! Are you ready to make your own sup”Herb” teacher appreciation gift? Here we go:

Teacher Appreciation Herb Garden Gift from Ava's Alphabet


Small wire basket or container

3-4 potted herb plants ( I used spicy basil, rosemary and mojito mint)

Free printable tags (download below)

White cardstock

Scissors or paper cutter

Straw or stick for the sign post


Raffia or ribbon (optional)

Tissue paper (optional)

Teacher Appreciation Herb Garden Gift from Ava's Alphabet

Download printable tags HERE


Gather your supplies.  Remove price stickers from your plants and containers as necessary. Wipe any loose dirt from the pots and plant tag. I shopped around to find the best price on herbs. These 3 inch pots cost less than $3 a pot.

Arrange your plants in your basket or container, being mindful of height. I found my simple, black wire baskets at the dollar store. They had just the look I wanted and I certainly couldn’t beat the price. What a deal! You can add tissue paper in between the plants as filler or to add color if you wish. I intended to do this, but decided I was happy with the simplicity of only the pots in the basket.

Download the printable tags above by clicking on either the image or the download link. This document prints out 4 tags on a standard size sheet of white cardstock. Using your paper cutter or scissors, cut out each tag. Add the teacher name and child/family name to the tag using a pen or marker if desired.

Tape each tag to a drinking straw or lolly pop stick cut to size to create a sign. Stick it gently into one of the plants.

Teacher Appreciation Herb Garden Gift from Ava's Alphabet

For some added detail, you could tie a nice sized bow using some ribbon or raffia onto or around the container. Again, I chose to keep my herb garden baskets plain and simple this year and am happy with the results.

That’s all there is to it! Easy peasey! A darling herb garden teacher appreciation gift that any teacher is sure to love.

Teacher Appreciation Herb Garden Gift from Ava's Alphabet

I hope you are inspired by this simple and inexpensive teacher gift idea. What kinds of herbs would you choose? Can you think of any other clever herb or plant related sayings to show gratitude to our teachers? What kind of container might you select? I would love to hear your ideas in the comment section.

Please be sure to take some time to honor your teachers this year during teacher appreciation week (or any day!). If you don’t have the means to give a gift, please take the time to offer them a note of encouragement, a picture drawn by your child or some heartfelt words of gratitude. After all, caring for and educating our children is one of the most important roles in the world. Happy teacher appreciation week, my friends! Xoxo, -Cristina

Teacher Appreciation Herb Garden Gift from Ava's Alphabet

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