The Best of Ava’s Alphabet 2016

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H is for Holidays: The Best of Ava’s Alphabet 2016

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Hello, friends! I hope you have enjoyed a lovely holiday season with the special people in your life. I have taken a few weeks off from writing to truly soak in the holidays with my family and it has been worth every second. Experiencing Christmas through the eyes of my two little girls was nothing short of magical. It could not have been better.

As I reflect on 2016 and plan for the next year, I am amazed at how much I have learned and how many great people I have met through my blogging journey. It was about this time last year that my dream for Ava’s Alphabet began. I am so proud of what I have accomplished and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings. As part of my self reflection, I have been looking at which posts and topics have been popular with my readers.  I thought it might be nice to share with you all the 10 most viewed Ava’s Alphabet posts from 2016 to remind you of what you liked and to make sure you haven’t missed a thing. Are you ready? Here we go:

The Best of Ava's Alphabet 2016


Number Ten – 12 Tips for Planning a Perfect Birthday Party

12 Tips for Planning a Perfect Birthday Party - Best of 2016

I love planning birthday parties for my girls.  I have found a formula and some tips to make planning easier along the way which was the foundation for this post.  This post was also one of my first posts to gain some traction on Pinterest and get some big page views. So exciting for a new blogger!


Number Nine – Reflections on Gratitude

Reflections on Gratitude - Best of 2016

Practicing gratitude has become more important in my life with each passing year and continues to be a goal for me in 2017. Not to mention that I got a fabulous gratitude journal from my girls for Christmas! It warms my heart that my readers enjoyed this post so much as well.


Number Eight – Blueberry Crisp

Blueberry Crisp - Best of 2016

This recipe has always been a hit and is definitely on my list of comfort foods. I freeze fresh Michigan blueberries every summer so that I can make this dessert all year long. There is nothing like a dish of warm blueberry crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum!


Number Seven – Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Puff Corn

Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Puff Corn - Best of 2016

This recipe was shared with me by my aunt this year and it is nothing short of addicting. I had to take most of my batch for this post to work with me because I could not stay out of it! It would make a perfect gift too. Give it a try ASAP!



Number Six – Homemade Ant Killer (That Really Works!)

Homemade Ant Killer - Best of 2016

It makes me laugh that this post ranks in the top ten, but I think I know why. Ants are pesky little creatures and this recipe works fast! I feel so much better about using this in my house in place of dangerous sprays and chemicals. I have had very few ants this year after waging war with this recipe last year. Hooray!



Number Five – Handprint Fireworks

Handprint Fireworks - Best of 2016

My handprint firework project was one of those ideas that didn’t quite go as originally planned but ended up turning out better than I could have imagined. Cutting out the handprints and bending the fingers outward added the perfect amount of depth to these fireworks. So festive and fun for kids of all ages!


Number Four – My Little Pony Inspired Stick Ponies

My Little Pony Inspired Stick Ponies - Best of 2016

This project was another one of my crazy ideas that turned out better than expected. My girls still play with these stick ponies on a regular basis and they have held up amazingly well. Perhaps we will have to make a different pony this year? Rainbow Dash could be lots of fun!


Number Three – Coconut Lime Foot Soak

Coconut Lime Foot Soak - Best of 2016

This recipe smells and feels amazing. It is a perfect way to pamper yourself and uses ingredients that you probably already have on hand. I gave these as gifts for teacher appreciation week this year and they were a big hit. Whether for yourself or as a gift, do yourself a favor and try this recipe out soon!


Number Two – 4 Secrets for Successful Succulents

4 Secrets for Successful Succulents - Best of 2016

I had so much fun taking a succulent class this year. I learned a ton and my succulents are still thriving even after I moved them inside this fall.  One goal for 2017 is to update my photos for this post. You won’t believe how much this planter has filled out. I have even been harvesting my own baby plants!



Number One – 7 Ways to Teach Young Children About the Joy of Giving

7 Ways to Teach Young Children About the Joy of Giving - Best of 2016

This joy of giving post was my first opportunity to work with Collective Bias and it was an amazing experience. Not only was this a paid, sponsored post but it was chosen to be promoted by Social Fabric on Facebook throughout the holiday season.  At the time I am writing this post, it has been viewed over 35,000 times. Again as a brand new blogger, this blows my mind! Incredible!


I cannot thank you enough for all of your support and encouragement this year. I have met some really amazing people through this blog and have been lucky to work with some great companies such as Oriental Trading, Collective Bias, Meijer and Huggies.  I am so excited to keep bringing you new and fun ways to add more joy to your days in easy, practical ways.  If you have ideas or suggestions for future topics or posts, I would love to hear from you in the comments or by email. Wishing you all a safe and happy New Year and a wonderful 2017! Thank you for your ongoing support of Ava’s Alphabet. Xoxo, Cristina

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    • Ugh! It is such a pain. I had a lot of little ants in my house last spring and my mom had the big black ants in her kitchen. This recipe worked on both kinds of ants like a charm. I also had no sign on them this fall when they tend to reappear. I hope you have the same success!

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