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Ava's Alphabet: Everyday Motherhood from A to Z

Hello!  Thank you for visiting Ava’s Alphabet.  My name is Cristina Stauffer and I am a busy mother of two little girls.  I am an everyday mom who is juggling the demands of parenting, nurturing a healthy marriage, managing a household and working outside the home part time.  I love all kinds of crafts and projects – everything from cooking and baking to sewing and knitting to party planning.  We have recently moved into a new home which has endless possibilities for updating and decorating. Coming up with crafts and projects to do with the girls is one of my favorite things to do with my downtime.  For quite some time I have been thinking about finding a creative outlet to share my many projects and ideas, but I haven’t been able to choose just one thing to focus on.   Early in 2016, I became inspired by the idea of writing a blog.  Maybe a lifestyle blog would be a rewarding way to showcase the range of my interests and ideas?  At the same time I had been pondering this idea, my oldest daughter Ava was obsessed with everything alphabet.  We were spending a lot of time singing alphabet songs and playing alphabet games.  All of these ABCs made me start to think.  My many interests span the entire alphabet as well – from art and animals to Zentangle and zucchini bread!  And so the idea for Ava’s Alphabet was born.  I hope to share with you fun and easy tips and ideas to bring more joy and creativity into your days.  Won’t you come along on this adventure with me?  Here we go!

XOXO and ABCs,


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