Easy Beaded Wreath Ornament

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H is for Holiday: Easy Beaded Wreath Ornament

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I love holidays and I love craft projects. It seems to me that I have always been drawn to crafts and creativity even when I was a child.  Would you believe that I still have a bag of these easy beaded wreath ornaments that I made when I was a kid? I lovingly hang them on the Christmas tree every year and love the color and sparkle they add to the other ornaments. I decided this year was the time to introduce this fun project to my own children and it has been a big hit.  Even my two-year-old has enjoyed helping to make these fun little ornaments. Are you ready to learn how to make your own beaded wreath ornament? Here we go:

Easy Beaded Wreath Ornament



Green pipe cleaners

Tri-shaped beads in red

Tri-shaped beads in green




Begin by threading the tri-beads onto a pipe cleaner in alternating colors.  To make this easier for little hands, I bend a loop or tie a loose knot in one end of the pipe cleaner.  We found that using 18-20 of each color bead makes a nice sized wreath ornament. I counted them out onto a plate or into a bowl so my kiddos would know when they had enough beads strung without having to count them over and over again.

Easy Beaded Wreath Ornament

Once you have all your beads strung onto the pipe cleaner, pull the ends of the pipe cleaner together until your beads form a circle. Twist the pipe cleaner together to join the circle and trim off the ends of the pipe cleaner using your scissors.  You will be able to see a little bit of the pipe cleaner at the seam.

Tie a small ribbon bow onto the wreath ornament to cover the seam. Having a hard time getting your bow to look right? You can also try tying the bow separate from the ornament and attaching it with a needle and thread or a dab of hot glue. That’s it! You’re done!

In addition to hanging them on the Christmas tree, there are several other fun uses for these darling beaded wreath ornaments too:


Beaded Wreath Ornament Napkin Rings

Easy Beaded Wreath Ornament

Easy Beaded Wreath Ornament

Beaded Wreath Ornament Votive Holders

Easy Beaded Wreath Ornament

Beaded Wreath Gift Tie-On

Easy Beaded Wreath Ornament

Easy Beaded Wreath Ornament

These simple little wreath ornaments come together in a flash and add a gorgeous touch of sparkle to your tree, table or gifts.  I hope you enjoy this fun craft as much as we have. Happy holidays and happy crafting, my friends!

Easy Beaded Wreath Ornament

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  1. I have a few of these ornaments that my kids made when they were in elementary school. They are big enough now that they like to pretend they’re embarrassed when they see them on the tree but I know better. It doesn’t matter how old you get – it still makes you feel good that your mom kept the ornaments you made yourself. Thanks for sharing at Over the Moon. We look forward to seeing you next week.

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