Glitter Turkey Planter

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C is for Crafts: Glitter Turkey Planter

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I know the Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone already this year, but I just have to share one last holiday project with you before I move on to all things Christmas and winter.  I mentioned earlier this month in the post on my vintage turkey succulent planter that I had become intrigued with vintage turkeys during my flea marketing this summer.  I have also been inspired by all the great glittered holiday accessories that have been popping up all over the place lately.  Although I was initially after something Christmas related to cover in glitter, I decided that it might be fun to make a glitter turkey for Thanksgiving as well. I picked up the ceramic turkey that I used for this project as part of a bundled deal at a flea market in August.  I am not too worried about glittering him as this version was quite easy to find on my thrifting adventures and lacks the fine handpainted details that the Napcoware turkey I used for my succulent planter has. Are you ready to learn how to create your own glitter turkey? Here we go:

Glitter Turkey Planter



Ceramic turkey planter – check Ebay, Etsy, thrift stores or flea markets

Mod Podge


Dark orange glitter (or brown if you prefer)

Silk or dried flowers, berries and leaves

Floral foam (optional)

Glitter Turkey Planter



Clean your ceramic turkey thoroughly to remove any dirt and debris. Dry completely with a soft, lint-free towel.

Once your turkey is clean and dry, it is time to start adding the glitter! I originally planned to paint the turkey with a glittery Martha Stewart paint before adding the top coat of glitter, but after some trial and error, I found that just using a thick coat of Mod Podge and glitter was adequate to cover the turkey.  I will save that gorgeous glittery paint for another project.

Work in sections, applying the Mod Podge with a paint brush and then liberally sprinkling glitter over each section until you achieve the look you desire.  I used an old cake pan that is reserved for crafts to catch the extra glitter.

I did have a slight “craftastrophy” when I wasn’t paying attention and dumped a giant pile of glitter into my lap.  Oops! My husband was less than thrilled as glitter is one of his least favorite substances because the girls and I manage to drag it all over the house.  He will just have to get used to it as glitter is part of the joy of living with a house full of girls!

Glitter Turkey Planter

Once your turkey is thoroughly coated with glitter, allow it to dry overnight. Once it is good and dry, use a dry paintbrush to remove any extra or loose glitter from your project.  This is also a good opportunity to add a little more glitter to any spots that look sparse.

Glitter Turkey Planter

Now that your glitter turkey has been glittered and dried, it is time to add the arrangement. I intended to use some floral foam in the base of the turkey to keep my arrangement in place, but found that it was not necessary as I started adding and arranging the stems. To fill my glitter turkey, I cut apart several fall themed floral stems that I had picked up from the dollar store in addition to some dried flowers and grasses that I cut from my own gardens. I like that some of the faux berries and leaves also had a little glitter on them. You could also fill your glitter turkey with succulents much like I did with my vintage turkey succulent planter earlier this fall. Have fun with it – the more creative the better!

Glitter Turkey Planters


Glitter Turkey Planter

So, what do you think? This simple project can add a burst of brilliant sparkle to your Thanksgiving decor.  I would love to hear your creative ideas on what to fill it with in the comment section. Hoping you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and that the rest of your holiday season is filled with peace and joy. Happy crafting, my friends!

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